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Further Education

  1. David Rutley (Macclesfield) (Con)


    What steps the Government are taking to improve the quality of further education.[909332]

  2. The Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills (Robert Halfon)

    We are building an apprenticeship and skills nation, and crafting a ladder of opportunity to create widespread provision to meet our skills needs and to help those with social disadvantage. We are spending £80 million on national colleges and £170 million on institute of technology colleges, with extra money for further education.

  3. David Rutley

    I welcome the progress that Ministers are making in helping to raise the profile of and standards in technical education. Will my right hon. Friend tell the House what steps are being taken to help to improve the job prospects of the young people who will benefit from the £500 million investment announced in the Budget?

  4. Robert Halfon

    From 2019, students will have a choice of two routes: an academic route, or a state-of-the-art technical route with 15 different routes within it. We are investing in that, as I have said, and we are investing an extra £500 million on top of the existing funds. We are building the skills and apprenticeship nation that our country needs, and we are creating the skills that people and employers need.

  5. Mr Alan Mak (Havant) (Con)


    High-quality further education, linked to STEM—science, technology, engineering and maths—skills and the needs of employers will help Britain to lead the fourth industrial revolution. Will the Minister join me in welcoming T-levels, which will help our young people to secure the jobs of the future as the workplace evolves?

  6. Robert Halfon

    My hon. Friend is exactly right, and I congratulate him on the work that he does in this area. T-levels, our technical education reforms, our apprenticeship reforms and our strong backing of further education are exactly what we need to do to create the skills to make sure that people have the jobs and the skills that they need for their futures.