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Speakers in this debate:

Local Bus Services in Torbay

  1. Kevin Foster (Torbay) (Con)

    I am delighted to have such an audience for the presentation of a petition.

    I rise on behalf of residents in my constituency in relation to a petition they have gathered about the loss of their valued bus services. The petition has been organised by my constituent, Val Baker, and has been signed by 1,278 residents. I am pleased to be able to present this petition in the Chamber, given that some jobsworths at Torbay Council have decided that they wish to reject it. It is welcome that this House is more responsive to my residents’ views than some of the officers at their local council.

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    The petition declares:

    The petition of users of the No.65 bus service in Torbay,

    Declares that the cancellation of the number 65 bus service between The Willows to Torquay via Hele, Babbacombe, Quinta, Ellacombe and St Marychurch will have a detrimental impact on local residents, in particular, elderly residents.

    The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges Torbay Council to commit to providing a similar service to the previous No. 65 service for the sake of the local residents as soon as possible.

    And the petitioners remain, etc.