How Do You Know that Your Food is Making You Sick?

How Do You Know that Your Food is Making You Sick

In one situation, we get our food, and it gives us life, but in another situation, it can poison us. It’s up to us to choose either poison or life. Normally, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and raw nuts give us energy. Some of the foods which are processed or meat dairy types make us uncomfortable or sick here.

Most of the people do not know what type of food makes him/her happy. They even don’t know if they are eating and feeling fine or not. They even confused about food-related sickness and diseases.

These problems occur because of eating without thinking habits of yours. There are more several situations that lead to this problem. You can know more about it in the following:

No Hunger

You normally remain busy all day, and every morning you face a hurry. For this, breakfast becomes a miss. Then you take foods like heavy and junk. It is the most dangerous foods for your health.

A private institute of America surveys on this matter. They showed that 31million of American people do not take breakfast in the morning. They take processed foods outside for making up of breakfast. It is easier for them to get.

Your body needs food and the source of higher calories and proteins. So whenever you take food, your body absorbs its calories and it takes much more than its demand. It is not good for your health structure. Your body needs nutrition.

You take chips, burgers, pizzas, etc. type of food that has a lot of calories but there is a little amount of nutrition. You are skipping breakfast, and your body needs do not fulfill here. For this, your body takes the calories and create less hunger situation for you.

You don’t take breakfast, and so you get the food of high calories which causes energy loss. Lack of energy you cannot work properly, and the calories do not burn at the rate you need.

You should take a small meal for breakfast, and it will help you to control your blood sugar and strength level. Your mind will be clear as well. By this way, you won’t take unhealthy meals outside, and you will be healthy.

Blood Pressure Issue

The continuous taking of wrong and processed high calories food causes high blood pressure. It can take to the stroke or heart attacks type problems for you. The foods like meat, egg, dairy foods, etc. are the basic reason for high blood pressure and it also causes clog in your arteries.

Blood Pressure Issue

By eating high processed foods with sugar and salt is another problem for blood pressure. It causes a serious level of blood pressure. You should take fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of this problem. It will help your body to keep a decent blood pressure level.

Blood Sugar Level is too High

The sugar processed from the right source is good for your body and health. But most of the time you take the wrong source produced sugar that is extremely harmful for your health condition. This sugar has no productive value, but it takes huge trouble to digest.

The liver processes all foods. Liver fails to process the wrong source sugar, and it processes a lot of empty calories. People face sugar rush. Most of the people face it after taking coffee. The energy level falls very fast.

Blood Sugar Level is too High

You get energy from your insulin spiking, but you get that sugar and processed it by your liver damages all your energies which you get by the insulin. There is a lot of research done on this topic of sugar. In every resource, it is found dangerous and causes cancers, heart disease, diabetics, and high blood pressures.

You should take fresh, natural fruit. It has natural sugar, and it will help your body. You should not take processed foods with sugar. Fruits have fiber, and it will help you to digest perfectly.

Good Foods Avoiding Habit

Most of the people think that they will get crabs from cereals, bread, energy drinks, and cakes. But these things do not have the proper crabs and nutrition. This thing will affect the wrong sugar.

Good Foods Avoiding Habit

Like the need for good sugar, you need carbs in your body. You will get proper crabs fro, fruits and vegetables. You should try for fresh, natural vegetables and fruits instead of running after processed things.

You should be sure of it that you will go for the whole food for nutrition. So, you will avoid unhealthy and blank crabs’ foods.

Frequent Tiredness

If you are facing the more problems of tiredness and you are not getting rid of it, then it is obvious that you are taking the wrong foods. You are not taking the proper quality foods so that you are facing the problems of lacking energy and feeling tired.

It is for you that you will make good food or not. If you choose the wrong foods, you will feel tired. You cannot be the best for all the works. Your food can destroy and drain your life. So it is a must for you to take proper foods. Taking fresh foods will be the best choice in that case.

Zero Energy Level

You should get enough energy from taking foods but if you do not get energy from it, you won’t feel good to work, and you will sit down idly. After eating proper foods, your body will face energy level, and you will happily do anything you want.

This much energy will force you to move and work. No exercising means you are not giving your body proper foods and it does not take the fuels to run your body. Some persons dislike exercise, and if you are one like that, you should take proper nutrition foods to get rid of this.

Stressed Mode

You are facing anxiety, and your body goes down to a fighting mood. In this case, the natural process of heart rate, blood pressure, and digestive system do not work. You have to control your stressed over it. You should be in eating while you eat for the next time. Multitask should be avoided.

Perfect Chewing of Food

Chewing food is mandatory to eat. You cannot take food the way it is. So you should chew it a minimum of 20times before you take the food. Digestion process starts from the mouth. It is necessary to start properly of digestion.

Perfect Chewing of Food

If you take the food without chewing properly, the food will go to the stomach full pieces, and it will affect the rest of the digest process. When you chew something, your saliva comes and makes the food softer, and after that when you take the small pieces, it is easy to digest.

Sensitivities over Food Habit

When you are facing pain and problem continuously after eating, then you have sensitivities. You should check it up now. You also should mark your food habits and note down the food you are taking. See the pattern of your eating foods.

After taking which foods you are facing what should be marked away and note it down. Try to change the habits slightly to get rid of it. You can also consult the nutritionist and doctor to solve it. The negative reactant foods should be avoided in any case.


We live by taking food, but when you are facing problems after taking it, it is painful. This is the time you have to solve it by knowing the root reasons behind this. The top reasons can be some of the points mentioned above, so you can now avoid such problems.