Kitchen Appliances and Tips to Save Space and Time

Kitchen Appliances and Tips to Save Space and Time

Different kitchens have different challenges. Some may have cookware issues while others may have electrical issues. However, most kitchens tend to struggle with a common issue, i.e, finding space and keeping things organized.

It is never attractive to have your kitchen materials all over the place. It takes up a lot of your cooking time and makes your kitchen look way smaller than it already is. Here are some quick tips and handy appliances that you can use to save time and space in your kitchen.

Keep the Working Space Empty

We often tend to clutter the countertop by keeping loads of stuff on it. Appliances that you do not even need regularly can take up most of your space in the kitchen.

Keep the kitchen Space Empty

To make it easier for you, clear the countertop as much as possible and keep only the appliances that you use daily. For instance, your toaster, coffee maker, baskets, etc.

Have Two Sinks

For a spacious kitchen, it is best to have two sinks. Have one small sink (which could be round or of the usual shape) to be mainly used for washing your groceries or cleaning your hands while you cook. You can keep the other sink at the utility area which you can use for cleaning and washing your utensils.

Keep a Corner Shelf

Using small and handy appliances will not only clear out the mess but also give your kitchen a fresh look. Corner shelves that come with a small tray are perfect to provide a new look for your kitchen and save some extra space in that countertop.

You can keep small containers of storing tea, coffee, sugar or any of your everyday used spices on the tray underneath these shelves. On top of that, you can keep your spice condiments or any other necessary items.

Use Small Wooden or Plastic Baskets

A small basket made of wood or plastic (according to your preference) can be found at nearly every store. You can quickly grab one and place it anywhere around your kitchen.

Use Small Wooden or Plastic Baskets

These baskets can be used to store your grater, mortar, and pestle or any other small implements that oftentimes goes missing. By keeping them in a basket, they will stay organized and you won’t lose them frequently.

Keep a Cutlery Tray

Dumping your cutleries scattered all over the drawers often makes it difficult for you to find them. This is when you need a cutlery tray. In that case, using a tray you can keep your cutlery items organized and divided. These trays can be kept inside the top drawers for your easy access.

Keep a Cutlery Tray

Accordingly, forks, spoons, knives, spatulas or even your tea strainers, everything can go in there. It is better to keep more than one cutlery tray because you can never have too many essentials.

Lazy Susan

Sometimes, the top shelves in your cabinets are difficult to manage because your hands don’t reach there most of the times. You can use a lazy susan if you face the same. Lazy susans can be kept inside your cabinets to store bottles, condiments, all sort of sauces and spreads and so on.

Just give a spin and grab that you need without fiddling the items kept in the front.

Consider Getting a Pan Organizer

In the midst of saving space in the kitchen, we often don’t take notice of how we are instead making more mess. Piling pans on top of one another are one of such examples. It is common in nearly most kitchens. You usually don’t stop towering your pans till they all topple over and create a mess.

Consider Getting a Pan Organizer

Therefore, to save you from this trouble and space, you should consider getting yourself a pan organizer. A pan organizer can be kept anywhere in the kitchen, and even on your countertop. It lets you keep all your pans organized according to their sizes without killing any space.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

If you do not want to store your knives in drawers in culinary trays, you can always use these knife holders. You can put them on the wall to grab one whenever you need.

Knife Blocks

Knife Blocks

If you do not like the idea of having your knives at a display on the wall, you can always opt for a wooden knife block. It fits perfectly on your counter space and is very contemporary at the same time. The slots in it let you hold about 12 or more full-sized knives altogether.

Make More Space With a Shelf Divider

Adding additional shelves to your kitchen cabinets can maximize your space and help you to utilize the vertical space inside your cabinets. To use these stackable shelves is a great way to get the most of the cabinets. This divides your cabinets space creating visibility and accessibility to your items.

You can use these shelf dividers to keep mugs and glasses that you use frequently.

Compact Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, this one is for you. What do you do when your coffee maker is taking up a lot of space in your kitchen like most makers do these days?

This is when you use the smallest, most compact coffee maker that you can buy. Any small coffee makers are a great choice. Look for the extremely lightweight ones, packs away easily, helps to save space in your kitchen and of course the one that makes a great cup of coffee.

Swivel or Retractable Items

Always remember, every little inch counts. Consider using a swivel or retractable item. For instance, a retractable hanger on your kitchen wall if you want to hang towels there or a shelf which can swivel out of the way when not in use.

Repurpose Your Organizers

Many of us keep buying new items, including new organizers. Some of them are used efficiently while others are dumped away in cabinets, creating a huge clutter. Most of the times, it is done because we aren’t sure how to utilize them or make the most out of these organizers.

Repurpose Your Organizers

Hence, the best way to repurpose these organizers by utilizing them differently. Here are some of them to solve your organizing concerns.

  • Two-Tier Metal Fruit Basket

Easy to organize fruits and keep them according to their type and sizes. You can keep smaller fruits like berries in the top tier and bigger fruits like bananas in the lower tier.

Two-Tier Metal Fruit Basket

However, these baskets can also be used to keep your spice bottles to save space, especially for those of you who don’t have sufficient cabinets in the kitchen.

  • Canister or Mason Jars

Canisters or mason jars are everywhere in the stores. They are in trend and are mostly used for having smoothies and shakes, or to store your cookies or dry snacks. Likewise, you can also use them as multi-purpose items such as to use as a cutlery holder, to store your every day used cutleries or to store pasta, beans or nuts.

If you have unused or opaque mason jars lying in your kitchen cabinets, do not throw them out. They can be used to hold kitchen tools such as spatulas and knives.

How to Get Started?

Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Have your cleaning solutions placed in small racks beneath or beside your sink
  • Use paper towel rolls to keep your kitchen clean and to stop wasting paper towels
  • Wooden baskets can be used to keep in the corner of your countertop to have water bottles
  • Extended counter space or island can be made into a breakfast counter. You can also add nice bar chairs for the place to make the area look more appealing
  • Lower cabinets can contain big steel containers for storing rice, wheat flour, etc. while your corner cabinets can have simple shelves for more storage space
  • Store your kitchen towels, paper bags, kitchen napkins altogether in some drawers for your easy access
  • Use locked containers to store extra spices


The kitchen is probably the most important room at your home, and you want to keep it looking good. Since this is where food is prepared, it is important to have an organized kitchen. The aforementioned appliances, solutions, and tips will save your time and straighten up your kitchen.