Proper Cleaning Guide for Induction Cooking

Proper Cleaning Guide for Induction Cooking

On an induction cooktop, the portion under the pan becomes hot, and the surface portion of the cooktop remains cool. The spillovers under pot or pan burn and the rest of the part of spillovers do not burn at all.

The induction cooktop is easy to wash, but a gas burner is not easy at all. Washing an induction’s hob is a risky task so you should follow some precautions for it. Glass plate is difficult to save from scratches so you should not use any kind of rough tools to clean it.

At the time of cleaning, you should use the proper materials and tools over the induction cooktop to avoid the damaging risks. There will always the availability of a manual with the cooktop.

Try to follow the manual for cleaning and choosing things to clean with.

First Clean and then Use

You should wash the surface of the cooktop properly before you start of using it. When you start for the first time with it after buying, you must have to clean the glass plate. You also should use the cooktop cleaner for glass which is approved by the manual book. In this way, you will get help for future washing.

Make the Cooktop Cool Before Cleaning

The user manual generally describes details about the cleaning staff of the product. So you should follow it and use the recommended tools for it. Glass washing products which are specialized in it should be used for it. Non- abrasive washing liquid should be used here.

Make the Cooktop Cool Before Cleaning

For wiping up washing residue, you should use a paper towel and microfiber cloths. Clothes should be dry. These tools should be used for polish as well. Cleaning pad and sponge should use for cleaning the cooktop surface.

Metal Marks or Scratches on Glass

Metalmarks are a common problem in the induction cooktop surface. Pan or pot sometimes makes metal marks on the surface. So you should lift the pan instead of moving them on the surface glass. Iron pans that are uncoated, aluminum and copper, pan pots can make metal marks easily because of their hard structure.

Metal Marks or Scratches on Glass

You should use cookware of smooth and flat lower end. To resolve the problem of marks, you should check out the bottom every time you buy pans. Rough finishing pans can cause marks, and these marks won’t affect the performance, but it will destroy the outlook.

Water sports are another type of problem in it. You should use glossy sheen or vinegar solutions to its surface for removing the marks and spots of water. Wiping with a soft cloth is a good choice for this task, and you should make the top dry by wiping it with a dry towel.

Washing Daily

After every use of the cooktop, you should clean it. You should not miss a single day for not cleaning it. Must check the switch turns off before washing it and never clean it when it is hot.

Hot cleaning can cause fumes, and it is very much harmful to your health as well as the cooktop. All types of cleaning chemicals should be wiped from it. Otherwise, it will be burnt on the cooktop. Finally, you should make it dry every time.

Removing Burnt Items from Glass

Soap or dishwashing items cannot remove the burnt items or spills from the surface. Appropriate cleaning products should be used and use a plastic scraper for them. After this, use a wet towel to remove the burnt items from it. Before using the plastic scraper, you have to check the hot condition. Otherwise, it will be burnt.

A scraper blade is an important tool for most stubborn burnt items on the surface. It should be held at a 45-degree wide-angle for scraping off. You also should use this blade sincerely so that it doesn’t make any scratch on the surface. Approved razor blade for washing surface can be attached to it.

Removing Burnt Items from Glass

Don’t give a chance to become hard for the spatters and spills. Clean them regularly for better use. You can scrub it via using the pad till it’s gone from the surface.

Sugary foods, as well as melted plastics, are hugely risky for the glass and these things can damage it permanently. You should clean this in the hot condition, but you can’t let them stay there. The best way is to use the razor at a good angle to remove it instantly.

Sometimes people wait for washing the spills. But not every spill should be stayed till completing the cooking. It’s urgent to clean them as fast as you can. Dry sugar, Caramel sauce, melted marshmallow, and syrups should clean right that moment.

If you see spill over the burner surface, turn the burner off right away without thinking of it. Now you should wipe that surface to clean. You cannot forget to use soft paper or cloth to clean it. You can use oven mitt as well to protect yourself from hot. More types of spills you can clean later.

You Should Avoid these

Abrasive cleaning items and brushes are highly restricted for cleaning the surface of the cooktop. Soft wiping items approved cleaning materials, glass cleaning items can be used for this task. Avoid any type of risky tools that can damage the surface of the induction cooktop.

Harsh chemicals, powdery cleaners, flammable chemicals, Chlorine-based bleaching powders, abrasive pads, ammonia, metal pads, knife, stiff brushes, and sharp tools are highly advised not to use at any cost. These things can stain the surface of the cooktop.

Never overload the pan or pot so that spills occur after it heated and make sure of the extra space inside the pan for water to boil. Shut the cookware off when you put it on the cooktop for cooking. Check properly for the cooking situation. Don’t leave it in its way.


Washing out after every time of using the cooktop helps to increase the durability, and it also makes you easier for the next time washing. You should clean it before using it as well as after using it.